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2007 April 26


Guillaume, Annisa, Anne-Marie, Rignach, Walt, Carolyn, Rapheal, Stuart, Aeschine, and Kerij-e

Old Business

Recap of March 25 practice w/out horses

  • from Kerij-e: The unmounted practice (no horses involved) was very very well attended. 15 people (and families). Pigsticking, crest combat, and jousting were all practiced. Weapons were handled by many. Thanks to the overseas gang for braving the ferry.

Recap of April 22 mounted practice

  • 13 horses and 22 riders. Nice arena, but hard. Had to be out by 6 p.m. when the drill team (meets every Sun) arrived. Herd bonding/despooking was very well received. Guillaume ran it very well. Some quintain, reeds and heads. Two unplanned dismounts.

May Crown Status

  • Jousting Tournament - Guillaume/Raph - So far there are 4 positives and 1 possible.
  • Cocktail Party - Anne-Marie - Meet at sunset in the guild encampment. Bring YOB and goodies.
  • Work party to cut tips and build tilt bases - Raph Scheduled for May 13th. Raph has a jig for making the roundie ends.
  • report from site walk-through - Kerij-e
    • Pipe corrals and minimum facilities. Need hoses for water. Banners and flags to jazz up the place. Lots of positive signage. No water bearer contact yet.
    • Countess E and Raph to coordinate Mounted Heraldry
    • Possible processional?
    • Draft schedule to be posted soon.
    • Add herdbonding timeslot?
    • Training Wyewood volunteers as groundcrew for Emprise.

June Faire Demo Status - Guillaume

  • Site is same area, but parking is much smaller.
  • Activities planned: jousting, pigs, and birjas

Lionhearts Status - Raph

  • Raph and the autocrat (Anne-Mary) are in phone tag.

Emprise Status - Guillaume/Countess E

  • Limited camping and period pavilions in centerfield!
  • Same facilities and pricing as last year
  • First draft of event copy has been sent out for feedback.
  • 1 of 4 judges has responded. Kerij-e will follow up with Berek. AM with Donan.
  • More heavy fighting starting with a grand melee and then a final Pas, which is part of the Emprise.
  • Raph wants to coordinate a heavy mounted combat demo.
  • More activities on Sunday
  • Autocrat meeting to be schedule to discuss schedule.

New Business

July 28 opportunity for super-small demo at Reber open house. - Countess E/Kerij-e

  • Would need $50 for insurance to bring horses. AM volunteers to EMiC if neded. May do as a heavy fighter demo instead with a horse mannequin.

Society Equestrian Officer's letter (gulf war meeting notes) - TABLED UNTIL OFFICIAL WORD FROM KEO

SEO's messages regarding BOD decisions - TABLED UNTIL OFFICIAL WORD FROM KEO

Official practices at Fall City Park arena

  • Dates will be proposed and posted on list. Raph will be the contact EMIC. Cuz he wasn't in the room at the time. Kerij-e will take request for insurance to next Baronial council.

Elections for Guild officers at May meeting - kerij-e

  • To be held next month.

Guild online newsletter - kerij-e

  • Interest in continuing it - Tabled to next meeting

Call for articles for website - kerij-e

  • lots of ideas. Guillaume will set up additional authors/editors - Tabled to next meeting

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