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2007 March 22


Walt, Carolyn, Felicitae, Aeschine, Rapheal, Kerij-e, Guillaume, Annisa, Anne-Marie, Rignach

Old Business

  • Practice w/out horses...March 25
    • Come to Kerij-e and Rapheal's new place for a day of working on equestrian skills without the horses.
  • April Practices
    • It was agreed that we would meet at "high noon" at the Fall City Arena on April 21, with horses, and do whatever we liked. Suggested activities include "bomb-proofing" and jousting.
  • May Crown
    • Guillaume will announce details of the Jousting Tournament. Anne-Marie has volunteered to organize a MEG cocktail party Saturday evening.
  • June Faire Demo
    • Confirmation from Tsuruko and Baroness Brighid is still pending, but Gordon has offered to allow us to stage from his place. It will be a limited demo, probably involving jousting, pigs, and perhaps birjas. There was a discussion that "binary" events are most effective in this setting, as they are easy for the crowd to instantly comprehend. Guillaume agreed to be the EqMIC. Also there is some concern about the exposed nature of the space, so it was noted that participation will be limited to horses that will respect the fences at the end of the tilt.
  • Lionhearts
    • Same site as last year, there was discussion to ensure that we have some sort of gate between equestrian and the rest of the site.
  • Emprise
    • "Right of first refusal" invitation letters to Emprise VI judges have been composed and will be sent via snail mail.
    • Annisa and Guillaume reported from the Wyewood business meeting. Many details still to be worked out with Countess E, which will happen as soon as she is available for consultation.

New Business

  • Day of Tilt Deux
    • Not currently being pursued, but any of the desired activities could still be organized at the April 21 mounted practice, if someone is willing to organize.
  • Welcome Rignach!

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