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2007 February 22


Guillaume, Annisa, Anne-Marie, Walt, Carolyn, Kerij-e, Rapheal, Stewart

Old Business

12th night recap for those not at the January meeting
Estrella report from Guillaume, Annisa, and Anne-Marie (verdict: fun. Photos pending.) Ariadne's jousting class was interesting, and she had some ideas about using the herd mentality to speed up the desensitization of horses around gaming equipment that I'm sure we can put to good use. Also some useful tips for handing lances to riders and suggested routines to get the horses used to doing repeatedly and calmly on the tilt.

New Business

Unmounted Practice: March 25 @ Kerij-e and Raph's new place. Come to practice skills off horses (behord, lance control, getting hit, etc.) and bring your gear, both finished and unfinished. We'll simulate jousting hits (no flinching!), chat about gear, and work on projects.

MEG display at Baronial A&S: April 14 @ Kirkland. This was generally agreed to be a Good Thing at which to have some MEG visibility. Not a horse event, though.

Mounted Practice: April 21 @ Fall City (hopefully -- if not possible the backup location is Kerij-e and Raph's). Bring your horse and your gear. Plan is to do jousting authorizations (official or not) and work on various skills as people desire. (note: just checked the calendar, and this conflicts with School of the Renaissance Soldier -- if lots of people are heading down to CA for this, we could do MEG practice on the 28th....)

May Crown: May 18-20 @ Yakima, Kerij-e is EqMIC. Jousting tournament planned with MEG as the organizer. Other activities sponsored by other groups (Dregate to organize IKEqC, Mt. Edge to organize cavalry drills & riding to music, Edward potentially demo'ing heavy mounted combat). Court may include a riderless horse ceremony. Kerij-e to determine parameters for pre-registration, Guillaume will put it online once it's defined. It was suggested that Thorkel, as Emprise VI champion, may want to issue the May Crown challenge for the Emprise VII.

?June Faire: June 2-3 @ Port Gamble. Not in the works at this time, but we discussed the possibility of doing a limited demo like last year (light on equipment, limited number of horses, day-tripping, etc.) Still under discussion, there are no official plans for this at the moment.

Lionhearts: June 22-24 @ somewhere near Duval (I'm guessing!). According to latest Madrone business meeting notes, this event may either be a weekend event or a one-day event. At any rate, per discussions last year we've agreed to support the Barony by making it "the" Madrone horse event every year. We need someone to step forward as EqMIC.

Emprise of the Black Lion VII: September 21-23 @ Reber Ranch in Kent. Countess E has confirmed that the date is secured with Reber Ranch and that the reservation for the kingdom calendar is in process. There was some brainstorming on the topic of judges, and general agreement that it would be classy to offer the "right of first refusal" to the judges from last year should they wish to repeat. Should there be any that wish to provide the opportunity for others to judge, we created a short list of names of additional Royal Peers who might enjoy judging. We shall endeavor to include Countess E and other representatives from Wyewood in the next MEG meeting on March 22, so that we may establish clear responsibility-sharing guidelines. Kerij-e/Guillaume agreed to share EqMIC duties with a Saturday/Sunday split respectively.

Tasks Assigned

Rapheal: publish to the E! list the materials needed to make a wooden waster (for people who may want to make one at the March 25 project day)

Guillaume: draft "right of first refusal" letter to Emprise VI judges so that those interested in judging again have the option.

Guillaume: request clarification regarding whether it is possible to authorize someone at an unofficial equestrian practice.

Kerij-e: determine content of May Crown pre-registration form and get it to Guillaume.

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