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Our History

Once known as the MadWood Horse Club, the Madrone Equestrian Guild was formed to promote the equestrian arts in the Barony of Madrone. The group first met October, 2001. Later, we were encouraged to become a guild by Baroness Anne-Marie, and the guild was officially recognized when our charter was confirmed by their Excellencies Baron Ragnarr and Baroness Bergdis in August of AS 38 CE 2004.

The guild sponsors a monthly guild meeting, occasional practices, educational displays, informal trail rides, and equestrian activities in the Barony. Check our calendar for specific dates. Check our resources page for the best list of links about SCA equestrian we know of. Check out the articles about equestrian-specific topics, both how-to and informational articles.

There are no requirements for guild membership other than expressing an interest. You don't even have to own a horse. If you are interested in participating, or having equestrian activities or displays at your event, come to a meeting or contact the Guildhead.



Mistress Kerij-e 2004 to 2006

HL Guillaume 2006 to 2012

Lord Johannes Dehn 2012 to 2013

Mistress Kerij-e 2013 to present


Lady Aeschine 2006-2007

HL Felicitae 2007-2008

Mistress Anne-Marie 2008 to 2010

Lord Johannes Dehn 2010 to 2012

Lady Rignach of Argyle 2012 to 2014

Mistress Annissa 2014 to present

Our Motto

Equusi! Equusi! Equusi! (Latin for "Horsie! Horsie! Horsie!")

Our Mission

Ride until your bum is numb.


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