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Not our fault ;-) We weren't there, we were in Calontir...having breakfast..with a nun!

General Disclaimers

Equine activities are inherently dangerous!

This is an unofficial and unrecognized publication and does not denote any policy for the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. or the Barony of Madrone, the Shire of Wyewood, the Canton of Port de L'eau, the Shire of Midhaven, the college of St. Bunstable or any organization except for the Madrone Equestrian Guild, and then only by the good graces of our Baron and Baroness, our noble seneschal, and the brilliant and handsome members of the guild.

No, we are not the "official" equestrian presence for An Tir

Disclaimer: This is not an official website for the An Tir Equestrian community. This site is for informational purposes only. The guild cannot guarantee that the information is accurate (though we try). For the latest information regarding any specific event, please contact the event EqMIC or contact the Kingdom Equestrian Officer at ( or visit theRoyal Equestrian Website for more information. Contact information for all warranted Equestrian Marshals can also be found on the Royal Equestrian Website.

SCA Policies and why we don't count, but attempt to be good citizens anyway

Society Electronic Publications Policy from

  • Internet Site Recognition: "The Society for Creative Anachronism will not recognize Internet Sites for household or guilds."
  • Publication Permission for Personal Information: "It is permissible to list just a person's Society name in connection with any office they hold without permission, i.e. - Group Seneschal, Lord Robert the Volunteer", as well as "role" email addresses such as"
  • Photographs and Portrait-Style Artwork: "Websites containing photographic images or portrait-style artwork must contain a clear and obvious means by which the subject(s) of the image may contact the web minister to request the removal of any image in which the subject(s) appear. Should the Web Minister receive such a removal request the image must be removed from the site, or the image must be modified in such a way as to render the subject unrecognizable."

Society Chronicler's Policies from

  • Copyright Policies: "Authorization must be received in writing from the copyright holder prior to publication, and the notice "Copyright (c) [date and holder]. Used with permission." must accompany the copyrighted material.
  • Reasons for a local or organizational newsletter: "It exists to serve the needs of a local group or organization, to inform and educate that group of people about the SCA community in which they live, and to further the educational purposes of the SCA."

Photos and articles on this site are copyrighted by the authors and no rights are implied or conferred. If you appear in a photo and do not wish to, contact the us at and we will remove or disguise your image.

Articles are for informational purposes only and neither the authors nor the Guild or editors is responsible for any injury or damage that occurs if advice is followed by the reader. We make no guarantees.

Any Web sites, business, or books listed on this site do not constitute any guarantees or support. Just giving you the link. We are not responsible for content on linked sites.

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