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Crystal Smithwick aka Ynesen Ongge Xong Kerij-e

Crystal L. Smithwick is a technical writer for a major software company. She has written articles for the web and maintained both personal and commercial websites for the past 15 years. She shares her adventures with her husband of 29 years and her 19-year old son. They own a Tobiano Paint gelding, Bourdain, and a Bay Mustang mare, Gigi.

Ynesen Ongge Xong Kerij-e is a 13th century Chinese Mongolian living in the edges of the court of Kublai Khan. Kerij-e has been participating in the SCA for over 30 years and has held various offices at the Kingdom, Principality, Baronial, and Shire level. She is a Viscountess of Artemisia, a Mistress of the Laurel and Pelican, and a Lion of Atenveldt. She is currently the founding guild head of the Madrone Equestrian Guild. She has been actively autocrating and participating in equestrian activities in An Tir for 12 years.

She is also known for her now retired Web site on Mongolian domestic arts: Kerij-e's Ger.

She can be contacted at

Having Horses at Your Event: An Autocrat's Primer
Making Crest for Mounted Combat
To Manage the Paperwork for a Madrone Equestrian Guild Practice

Alexis Garrigues also known as Mistress Annisa Gabrielli

Elisabetta Annisa Gabrielli is a 14th Century noblewoman who enjoys developing a partnership with her horse, properly dressed. She is the 2015-16 Guildhead for the Madrone Equestrian Guild.

Alexis spent her teenage years volunteering at the Woodland Park Zoo's pony ring, a wonderful opportunity for a city kid to spend time with horses. There she learned to utilize her innate stubbornness to good advantage with Welsh and Shetland ponies. As part of the zoo's 4-H club she learned to care for horses, ride, and drive, and was able to pass on those skills training new volunteers. A few years ago she re-connected with horses in the SCA, and is now the proud owner of Duchess, a Percheron cross mare, and co-owner of Darshan, a Friesian cross gelding. She also loves fabric and has taught classes on medieval riding attire and making caparisons and helmet covers.

Annisa Gabrielli is a 14th Century noblewoman who enjoys developing a partnership with her horse, properly dressed.

See Annisa's home page at

Equestrian Warning Poster

Robert Odekirk aka Sir Rapheal the Rogue

Robert Odekirk is a manufacturing engineer and a certified natural hoof groom. He lives in Preston, Washington with his wife and son. They own two horses: Bourdain and Gigi.

Viscount Sir Rapheal the Rogue has been in the SCA since 1979 and has had armor longer than that. He is a Viscount of Artemisia, a Knight of the Society, a Master of the Laurel, a Lion of Atenveldt and once proud holder of the Mucking Tall Maul.

Rapheal has been riding for 13 years. He was the Champion of the Emprise of the Black Lion III, V, XI, XII and has ridden for An Tir at Gulf Wars (Meridies), Estrella War (Atenveldt), Best Little Army (Artemisia), Day of the Renaissance Soldier (West). He is also one of the first people to receive a Tsveti of Madrone for equestrian and recently was awarded one for pagentry. He is the premier of the Ordo Equis, the An Tir Equestrian Award.

He can be contacted at

Making Crest for Mounted Combat
Building a Leather Visor and Aventail for a Riding Helmet
To Manage the Paperwork for a Madrone Equestrian Guild Practice
A Simple SCA Jousting Lance

Anne-Marie Rousseau aka Maitresse Anne-Marie d'Ailleurs

Anne-Marie Rousseau is a cancer pharmacologist for a major biotech firm in Seattle, but grew up on a hobby farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains. She raised and showed purebred Saanen dairy goats, and rode her registered Appaloosa Pony, Lady, in trail rides through the redwoods, dollar bill races and poker rides. She rediscovered how much fun horses are about 5 years ago, and is focusing on Parelli and Centered Riding techniques.

Maitress Anne-Marie d'Ailleurs is a Baroness of the Court of An Tir, a Mistress of the Laurel and the Pelican, Regent for the University of Ithra, and former Baroness of Madrone (An Tir) as well as holder of the Carp (kingdom level persona development), and the Tsveti (baronial arts) for culinary. She is the founder of La Maisnie, a 15th century middle class Burgundian household, and has published a Complete Anachronist and three Feudal Gourmets on various culinary history topics. When riding, she is known as Ghyselbrecht Kokeman, her rather dissolute cousin.

Having Horses at Your Event: An Autocrat's Primer
Grounds Crew, or How to succeed in horses without actually riding...

Nancy O'Neill aka Her Ladyship Violante von Oesterreich

Nancy O'Neill is a classical riding instructor, who had the fortune of learning at the "feet" of such noteable riders as: Hilda Guerny, Dr. Max Gahwyler, Ulla Hudson, Jose Louis Perez-Soto, and others. Her years spent as a working student to private riding barns afforded her the opportunity to learn from these masters. She has been instructing for the past 15 years, and some of her students have gone on to achieving top ribbons in dressage competitions, but her delight is in those students who have gone on to riding in harmony with their horses and any horse they ride. She has trained her own horse Koquina, to grand prix level. She has successfully shown in dressage and western pleasure. Her guarantee is that she will help you to become a better rider. She has 3 daughters who all ride and have competed successfully.

Violante von Oesterreich is a 16th century Sicilian-born equestrienne married into the Hapsburg dynasty as a political link to the Medici family. She has been in the SCA for 2 years and is a participant of the equestrian, combat archery, and rapier communities. She is known best as the "violent latte" by the fighting community because of her fighting "style"! She is the recipient of the Ordo Equis, Goute De Sang and Jambe De Leon for her service in equestrian.

Classical Riding Tips: half halts
Book Review: Horses and Horsemanship Through the Ages
Classical Riding Tips: quiet hands
Classical Riding Tips: Spring Ha Ha's
Classical Riding: Turning on haunches
Classical Riding Tips: Sidepassing

Ed Carthell aka Earl Sir Edward Ian Anderson, KSCA, OL

Eorl Edward is the first An Tir Equestrian Laurel. He was elevated at September Crown 2005. He rides Misty the War Pony.

He can be contacted at ERIDU@PACIFIER.COM

His 2007 trip to Europe is being blogged at

Improving Your Game Scores: Rings
The Polish Keyhole Challenge

Justine Wright also known as Ladyship Aeschine Gearranach

Justine Wright is a costume designer for the theatre. She is currently training her half-Fresian/half-welsh pony Willow for eventing, cross country, and SCA games.

Making a Mini-Chamfrom

Lisa Hayes also known as Her Ladyship Felicitae de L'Hayes

Her Ladyship Felicitae is the Baronial Archer for the Barony of Madrone and a member of the Order of the Grey Goose shaft. She is the proud owner of Pepe.

Getting Started in Archery for the Mounted Archer
Frequently Asked Questions Equestrians Ask About Archery

Jonathan Garrigues also known as His Lordship Guillaume de Garrigues

Jonathan Garrigues lives in Seattle with his lovely wife and cat. He is a product design manager for a small software company and teaches swing dances of the 20's, 30's and 40's for a local nonprofit. He can't remember a time when someone in his family didn't have horses.

Guillaume de Garrigues is a past Guildhead of the Madrone Equestrian Guild and has an obsessive interest in the smooth running of equestrian tournaments. He is the creator of the Noblesse Oblige tournament format (first seen at Day of Tilt) and continually nags people to fill out MEG "after-event reports" to record what worked well and what needs improvements. He's also an active member of the Pewterers guild and enjoys playing and singing period music. His personal website can be found at He is a member of the Ordo Equii and received a Lion's Torse for his magnificent equestrian kit.

John Clough aka His Lordship Johannes Dehn

John Clough is a Quality Assurance / Test Manager for the game company Screenlife. He has also been widely known as a musician for the last 25 years under various band names, the most recent being his solo band, Johnny Forlorn. With his partner, Emily, he shares the love of a horse, Onyx, a dog, Ava and two cats, Sazjha and Bella.

Johannes Dehn is a late 16th century German living in Lower Saxony of the Holy Roman Empire. His main interests within the SCA include Equestrian, Rapier, Heavy Combat, Archery, Leather and Wood working, Costuming and of course, Historical Research. Johannes was awarded Madrone's Baronial service award, the Green Leaf in A.S. 43. He has been playing in the SCA since A.S. 40 (2006).

He can be contacted at or via Facebook at

Lady Rignach of Argyll - Premier Lancer of Madrone

An SCA member since 1989, Rignach has lived in the kingdoms of Caid, The West, Drachenwald, and currently AnTir. Horses have been an important part of her life for more than 30 years. She is an accomplished rider having completed formal training in Europe (England, France, and Austria) and the American West (Washington, Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, and California). Her training continued in 2007 when she joined the Madrone Equestrian Guild and learned to ride with weapons in events such as Pig Sticking, Speed Quintain, Reeds, Rings, Javelin Throw, Slicing the Heads off enemies, and more. Service is an integral part of Rignach’s person and she has authorized as a Junior Marshal in Heavy Fighting, Rapier, Archery, and Equestrian. She has also served on the Retinue of Their Excellencies of Madrone. In her spare time she enjoys illumination, costuming, cooking, and reading foreign treatises on equitation, tack and animal husbandry, written between 1400 and 1800.

As a Lancer, Rignach would like to encourage riders throughout the Known World to improve their equitation in the style of the classical medieval art, take superior care of their mounts, and show a level of courtesy above the normal par in our society and the equestrian community worldwide.


Rignach of Argyll is a Scottish Lady living in Burgundy during a tumultuous period in history when English, French, Burgundian, and Scottish forces were jockeying for power and influence in her small town of Beaune. She was sent by her father to work for her Uncle, a diplomat between French and Burgundian interests. To insure his partiality Rignach was married to an English husband by the Burgundian Duke. Her favorite pursuits include riding her horses through the countryside, accompanying the hunts, and acting as clerk for her Uncle. Her primary role is to act as governess of her Uncle’s vast estate, a dowry which his Burgundian wife left in his care at her passing, but which he takes little interest in managing.

Phil Gilbert aka Bernard of York

Bernard has been riding for two years, and competed in his first equestrian tournament September Crown AS 48.

Katelyn of Shetland Isles

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