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The Charter for the Madrone Equestrian Guild is based on the 14th century Southampton Merchant Guild Organization charter. Our charter was presented to Baron Ragnar and the Baronial Council on September 13, 2004 and ratified by unanimous decision at the September 22, 2004 Guild meeting.

The Madrone Equestrian Guild hath been formed with the intention of promoting and supporting the equestrian arts in the Barony of Madrone in the Kingdom of An Tir as were practiced in the 6th to 16th centuries. This guild exists by the permission and pleasure of their excellencies the Baron and Baroness of Madrone, the Baronial Council, and the fickle desires of the guild members.

In the first place, any that have a love of the horse and associated arts, and that participate within the environs of the Barony of Madrone, may consider themselves a member of the guild. Membership is not limited to those with a horse or even with the ability to ride.

And the guild shall meet once a month: that is to say, on the fourth Thursday of the month unless it be a holiday of which work is restricted. The time and place of this meeting shall be announced to the general populace through any popular means of communication deemed sufficient by the guild members. In addition, the guild shall maintain a public repository of information and make it available to the general populace. This repository maybe be virtual and exist in ether.

Second, there shall be elected from the guild members attendant to the May meeting, a guildhead and a steward. This office shall be re-elected at the beginning of every year of the society, being May.

And when the guild shall sit, the guildhead is to have, each night so long as the guild sits, two glasses of refreshment and two candles, and the steward the same. The guildhead, or his or her designate, shall record the discussions and decisions as made by the guild and report them to their Excellencies and the general populace at the Baronial Council and to the Madrone public boards, repositories, and to others who may have interest. If the guildhead cannot fulfill the duty, then these duties fall to the stewart. Should anyone wish to view these records they should be made available.

Third, in addition to meetings, the guild shall sponsor a regular time and place that the members may practice the equestrian arts and learn the skills required to bring honor to the guild and the barony. They shall also organize and sponsor events and activities that promote the enjoyment of horses and illustrate their place in our society. This may include displays, lectures, classes, articles and other creative means to spread the joy.

Fourth, all members are encouraged to represent the Barony with honor, not only as competitors but in all endeavors equestrian without or with the benefit of a horse.

Fifth, as good citizens of Madrone and An Tir, the guild members shall provide service both the barony and equestrian community at large, this service need not be limited to only those deeds that involve a horse.

Sixth, all members are encouraged to maintain a level of excellence in their appearance appropriate to the status of guild member,

Seventh, that our guild is not a burden on Barony, the guild shall strive to be fiscally self-sufficient and shall raise funds through any means the guild members see fit.

Eighth, no scoffing. It is our intention to be supportive and only provide solicited, constructive criticism of each other.

Ninth, the guild recognizes two mottos which illustrate our goals and attitudes toward equestrian arts and skills. Equii! Equii! Equii! (Horsies, Horsies, Horsies)

and Ride till your bum is numb. (to be translated into latin)

Tenth, and final. As the guild grows, an elite riding company for the Barony of Madrone shall be established. Requirements and duties will be determined by the guild at a future date.

Let this document stand testament to our good and noble intentions.

Proposed this 13th day of September, being the 39th year of the Dream and the 2004th year of the Common Era Approved by the Baronial Council in the November Meeting of the 39th year.

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