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8 Tips to Keep Up with Equestrian Activities in the SCA

With equestrian activities growing across the Known World in the SCA, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest news and activities. These tips can help you stay in the know.

by Mistress Kerij-e

So many sites, so many lists. Where do you go to find out the most up to date equestrian event information? Here's a list of tips to help with specific examples for An Tir.

  1. Subscribe to the SCA-wide mailing list
    SCA_Equine is the most active list of SCA-wide equestrians. The list discusses events, news, and random subjects. The noise level is fairly high and not all topics are of interest to everyone.

    To subscribe send mail to: To signup send mail to: ("Subscribe sca-equine" in the subject heading)
  2. Subscribe to your Kingdom's equestrian e-mail list
    Most kingdoms have an equestrian list of some type. These lists usually announce upcoming events, news, and pronouncement from the Kingdom Officer.

    In An Tir, AnTir_Horse on yahoogroups is the most active list of equestrians. Its a moderately busy list with events, practices, notices, rule changes, and other fun bits. You can either have individual mesages sent to your inbox, read a daily digest, or visit the yahoogroups Website.

    To subscribe send e-mail to:
  3. Visit and bookmark your Kingdom's website
    Your Kingdom's website is your best resource for your kingdom's specific rules for participating, events information, and contacts. A list of Kingdom websites can be found on the SCA website.

    The An Tir Equestrian Web Page on the An Tir Info scroll is the official web page of the An Tir Kingdom officer. It lists officers, practices, events, rules, and forms.
  4. Join a guild or group
    A guild is an official group of equestrians, they can also be called a conroy, troop, or just a plain old group. Some groups, such as lances and companies, are actually a type of household or honor guard and require an invitation or formal admittance to participate.

    In An Tir, we have many guilds and groups to chose from:
    Kingdom Equestrian Guild
    Western/Central An Tir Announcement
    Madrone Equestrian Guild
    Aquaterra Cavalry
    Dredgate Equestrian Guild
    Dregate Equestrian Guild
  5. Attend equestrian meetings
    There are both local and regional meetings. These are usually without horses and discuss issues for the group and planning future events. Some groups have monthly meetings, others may only meet at events.

    In An Tir, the Madrone Equestrian Guild meets monthly. The Kingdom Equestrian officer, as well as the Kingdom Equestrian Guild, calls a meeting at most major Kingdom events.
  6. Participate in practices
    Notice I didn't say, attend or go to. Get in there and get involved! Get to know people. Groundcrew is always welcome as are new horses and riders. This is the place to learn.

    In An Tir, the list of practices can be found on the Kingdom Website.
  7. Read upcoming events calendar in your kingdom newsletter or website
    It is usually only one line in the event copy, but look for the terms, such as "EMIC","Equestrian" as clues that horses will be there!
  8. Talk to an equestrian at an event
    We don't bite, just be polite, show a little interest and we'll talk your ear off!

(c) 2009 Crystal Smithwick

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