Choosing the Horse

First and foremost -- the horse that you already have may not be suitable for jousting. You can begin training any horse, but keep this in mind as you evaluate whether the horse enjoys the activity, and be selective about the horse you decide to train for jousting.

Ultimately you are looking for a horse that will enjoy jousting, not just tolerate it. While much of this depends on proper training of the horse, keep in mind that not all horses will have the personality to enjoy the sport. That being said, patience and persistence can go a long way if you are willing to put in the time.


It's essential that you horse you use for jousting is


Geldings are suggested, but your mileage and preference may vary.


Choose a horse for jousting that is brave and curious. When the horse encounters something new, it should not frighten them. Pick the horse that moves towards the unfamiliar object, not the one that runs away from it.

Don't pick a horse with an overdeveloped flight response. Jousting is inherently stressful and unpredictable.

Breed Choice

Pick a breed that excels at chasing things. Avoid breeds that are generally flighty.

Even if the horse you have right now may not be ideal for jousting, you can still use them as a mount for developing your jousting skills. However keep their natural tendencies in mind as you set your expectations for their jousting career. Training for successful jousting will progress significantly more quickly if your horse has a personality likely to enjoy the activity.

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