Madrone Equestrian Guild at Madrone Arts and Sciences

November 2004

For the third year, the group has displayed a table at the Barony of Madrone Arts and Sciences completion. This was our first year as an official guild.

The theme of the display was Horses in the Arts and Sciences. We displayed the many of the arts and sciences that are related to equestrian, such as leatherwork, armoring, and metalwork. We also included some areas that use horses in their themes and motifs, such as pottery and scribal. 

The display included a full caparison, lances, weapons, a majolica plate, a chamfron and crinnet,. The  board displayed photos of period pictures and texts, along with photos of our members.

In the foreground is the horse cookie barding fundraising table.

The Equestrian Guild display

A close up of the display

Lady Allesandra and "George"

George was made for a grab-bag contest. Allesandra created him completely from scraps that she was given.

The participant displays

The Pewterer's Guild sat beside us. So I took some pictures of them too.