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The Emprise of the Black Lion IV

October, AS 39 being 2004 CE

Ghyselbrecht and his entourage

Straight out of King Rene's treatise on tournaments, Ghyselbrecht's entourage includes all the proper elements of a tournament presentation.

Lady Aeschine

Dashing to the finish line on Willow

Equima Incognita

"The unknown horsewoman" This was Kerij-e's conceit. "If an Englishman can pretend to be a Tartar in a tournament, then a Mongol should be able to pretend to be an Englishman."

Viscount Sir Rapheal

Viscount Sir Rapheal in the spendor of a 15th century knight

Lady Cornelia

Resplendent on "Fluffy"

Ghy prepares to take to the hastilude field.

Lady Aeschine on Willow

This was the first Emprise for Willow, a half Welsh pony/ half Fresian.

Rapheal and Kerij-e after the processional

Sir Rapheal and his herald

Sir Rapheal issued his challenge in Latin, which was translated into English by his herald, Mistress Tessela.

Cornelia the fierce

In the third round, Lady Cornelia was undefeated. Her crest was untouched for a while longer.