A Simple SCA Jousting Lance

by Robert Odekirk (aka Sir Rapheal the Rogue)

No frills jousting lance. We put a pair of them together in half an hour with only a saw, a wood chisel, and some sand paper.

Disclaimer: SCA jousting is currently an experimental game and requires either the Kingdom Equestrian Officer or a specially authorized EM oversee the activity. This lance design is based on the experimental rules and may not conform to the official rules when they are approved. Contact your local KEO or EM for more information.

The Lance

An SCA jousting lance is made up of three parts. The base, the middle, and the tip.

Per the proposed rules: "1) Total lance length not to exceed 10 ft.   2) The lance shall be constructed in three sections, including the tip, middle, and base."

The Tip

Per the proposed rules: "3) Lances must have a tip of at least 24 inches of expanded polystyrene foam (Styrofoam) of 2" diameter and 2 lb density, projecting beyond the middle section."

If you live near a styrofoam supplier, you may be able to get 2" dia. tips that are custom cut.  The ones we had were sent in their original matrix.  If you can't get the cool ones, you can use insulation foam. (Make sure it is the right density." Cut into 2" square lengths. Then trim down the last 4" so that it fits in the middle tube.

TIP: To help remove the tip stub (it often breaks right at the cardboard) put a foot-long piece of ribbon over the end. The ends will hang out. After the break, pull on them to remove the stub. (Thanks to Countess Ilaria for that small sanity-saver.)

The Middle

Per the proposed rules: "The middle section consists of a cardboard tube with a 2 inch interior diameter and a maximum of 1/8 inch sidewall."

The easiest cardboard to obtain of the correct size and thickness is the tube that fabric stores use to roll fabric around.  Make sure that it is at least 57" long. Get a back up. Though they are very sturdy, if it gets stepped on or bent, it's useless as a lance.

The Base

Per the proposed rules: "The base section may be made of any non-brittle material. The maximum length of the base section is 45", including the recommended 6 inches extending into the middle section. The grip should be located do that there is a maximum of 96" from the center of the grip to the front of the lance. It is recommended the grip is carved from wood.

The base is made of a 2" x 2" x  45" fir.  With a wood chisel, we whittled down 6" on one end. A thin piece of leather was wound around the base at the end of the 6" (to stop the middle section if it is jammed into the base) and nailed in place.  To ensure a tight and stable fit, we build up the carved down end with duct tape until the middle section fit snugly.  Whittle an approximately 6" wide grip where ever it is comfortable. Sand the whole thing down.

If you choose to use a vamplate, a simple solution is a large plastic funnel.  Cut off the end, leaving two tabs, and slip it over the lance a few inches above the grip (be sure you have enough space for a gloved hand.) Nail it into place.

Putting It Together

Slide the base into the middle section, and then slide the tip into the other end (don't forget the ribbon!)  We recommend storing the pieces separately.

Have fun!


SCA Experimental Jousting Rules (PDF)  http://www.westkingdom.org/equestrian/SCAExperimentalJoustingRules.pdf
Ansteorran Jousting Lances http://ianthe.org/sca/eq/jousting.htm


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