Making a Mini-chamfron

by Lady Aeschine Gearraugh mka Justine Wright

This mini-chamfron is a decorative plaque that attaches to your horse's bridle. It is an attractive addition to your tack and a perfect place to display your device.
It easily attaches to any bridle with a series of buckles and requires no sewing. It is adjustable and can be used on different-size horses. It is ideal for use with rental horses.

This plan is for a shield-shaped plaque, but you could use a circle, square, or diamond if you prefer.

Materials list

  • 62" of 1/2" wide belt weight leather strapping (Will be cut into 1-12" length
    and 2 - 15" length)
  • 3 - 1/2" wide Conway buckles
  • 4 rivets
  • 1 piece stiff leather, about 4" x 7"
  • Acrylic paint or leather dye (colors of your device)
  • Sandpaper - 150 grit or finer
  • Clear acrylic coating (optional)


  • Hole punch
  • knife or scissors to cut leather
  • hammer
  • paint brushes
  • ruler



  1. Cut straps.
  • Cut 1 - 12" length and cut 2 - 15" length.
  • Cut one end of all three straps to a point. (These are now end "B.")
  • Cut the ends of the 15" straps to match the template. Leave the 12" length's other end straight.
  1.  Punch holes in straps for the buckle at 1" increments starting from end "B" Leaving about 6" free of holes.

IMAGE IS approximately 30% of size.

  1. Trace template onto manila folder or light cardboard.
  2. Use the template to mark the stiff leather, and then cut the leather into the shape of a shield.
  3. Use the sandpaper to roughen the leather shield and improve the painting surface.
  4. Paint or dye the leather shield and straps. If you use acrylic on the straps, they may crack with use.
  5. Apply a coat of sealant to the painted side of the leather shield and allow to dry.
  6. Using the template, mark and punch the holes for rivets.  The angle of the bottom two straps is important to allow the straps to hang correctly.
  7. Attach the straps to the leather shield with rivets.

Click for a full size template


IMAGE IS approximately 30% of size.

10 .   Attach the Conway buckles according to diagram.     

Putting the Mini-Chamfron on the Horse

  1. The top strap buckles on the crownpiece of the bridle. If there is a browband, just go over it.
  2. The two lower straps fasten to the bridle rings. If you are planning on using this with other bridles,
    adding snaps to the bit ends will make it easier to take on and off.


All text, patterns and graphics copyright Justine Wright 1/05/2005

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