Modern Jousting Resources and Groups

Compiled by M'Lord AE Vespers

SCA Jousting Resources

Disclaimer: SCA jousting is currently an experimental game and requires either the Kingdom Equestrian Officer or a specially authorized EM oversee the activity. This lance design is based on the experimental rules and may not conform to the official rules when they are approved. Contact your local KEO or EM for more information.

The SCA-Jousting Group On Yahoo Come join us!

 SCA Experimental Jousting Rules (PDF) These are the proposed rules.

Ansteorran Jousting Lances A "How-To" article out of Ansteorra for making lances bases (grips.)

A Simple SCA Jousting Lance - A "How-To" article from the Madrone Equestrian Guild.

International Jousting Association Groups and Affiliates


The International Jousting Association The IJA was originally formed in England in 1987 by Alan Beattie and some other English Jousters. However it was not until 1996 that the organization started to develop a world-wide membership base after a meeting in New Zealand between English, Australian and New Zealand jousting representatives.

Cynthia Morrison - Sports resume including page dedicated to Jousting and membership for the Competitive Jousting Ethics Fellowship.

Cynthia Morrison is Lady Bold Wolfe - Information and photos of the reigning International Women's Jousting Champion. German translation available.

The King's Champions - North American full contact jousting team. Information about the teams and events.

Knights of Valour - Jousting Troop dedicated to expanding and teaching new students the Medieval art of Jousting. Shows, stable, equipment, the team, and the farm.

National Jousting Association - History, rules, and schedules for modern-day Tournament (ring) Jousting, the longest continuously contested sport in the United States.

Paragon Jousting - New England based theatrical joust and combat troupe. Information about performers, schedule, and photos.

ILA Groups outside of the USA

The Knights Of Royal England - An English group presenting jousting and combat shows. Description of group, contact information, and a photograph gallery.

The IJA-Canada is a recognized branch of the International Jousting Association. The IJA has members in England, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Sweden, and the USA.

The Order of the Boar is a medieval re-enactment group based near Upper Hutt, New Zealand. We recreate aspects of the medieval tournament along with related living history activities from the second half of the 14th century (1350 - 1400 AD).

Society of Tilt and Lance Cavalry - Not for profit historical re-creation organization for medieval-style mounted jousting in full armor out of Calgary. Photos, schedules, and information about the society.

US/International Jousting Championships - Results and information about the event held as a part of the Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival.

Ordo Ignis (the Order of the Flame). A jousting group based in Norway. It is also the controlling body of the IJA in Norway.y.

Full-Tilt - (formally Ordre of ye Blak Prynz ) A jousting and living history group based in NSW, Australia covering 14th and 15th century styles of joust. It is also the controlling body of the IJA in Australia.

Knights of the Black Phoenix - an IJA member group in the north of England who are also responsible for overseeing IJA events in the UK and other European countries who don't have an IJA Member Group.

Other (Non IJA) Jousting Groups

Celeres Nordica - A Swedish jousting group who we hope to work with later in 2004.

Destrier - An excellent 15th century jousting group from England who have a large number of ex-patriate Australians and New Zealanders in their ranks. 

Kings Champions - A new tournament group featuring some of North America's best competitive jousters. 

Palm Beach Jousting Club - A sports-jousting group in South Florida, USA set up by the 1999 and 2000 AJA Woman's world jousting champion Cynthia Morrison .

World Championship Jousting Association - The main tournament group in North America.  

The Chevaliers D'Argent are based in Eketahuna (about 3 hours north of Wellington) and are a sister club of the Red Ravens. They have a strong equestrian focus (mounted skill-at-arms and melee). We train with them regularly.

The Red Ravens are based in Palmerston North. The club is foot combat orientated with an emphasis on the early medieval period. They are also developing a mounted combat element.

New Riders Of the Golden Age The New Riders of the Golden Age from War Horse Farm in Sarasota, Florida, have been jousting professionally since 1982 and have appeared at Renaissance Festivals, state and county fairs and other events all over the USA and Canada.

Dragon's Lair Canadian National and International Jousting Tournament Including 14th Century Armoured Duels (AEMMA) and Royal Ontario Museum - Longbow and Trebuchet (CAAAT)

The Free Lancers of the Cimmerian Combatives About the Free Lancers, Styles of Jousting, Performers, Equine Performers, Gath of Baal National Combat Jousting Tournament, Training Programs, Schedule

International Jousting At Sonora

WCJA The pageantry and excitement of tournaments has not been lost to the middle ages, active joust troupes across the continent, in fact the world attest to that. We hope you will take some time to browse through our pages and learn more about this exciting sport which is expanding back into mainstream popularity.

National Jousting Association The thrill of a rider and horse thundering down the track with the skill and precision to "pick off" three small rings IS the present day sport of jousting!

Paragon Jousting Paragon Jousting is a theatrical joust troupe providing armored jousting suitable for renaissance faires, public festivals and private functions. We provide a wide array of entertaining and educational shows suitable for a variety of audiences. Whether you want heavily armored knights charging at each other with lances leveled, wheeling horses as the knights resort to the sword to win the day, or unarmored riders demonstrating their prowess with sword and lance in a variety of chivalric games of skill, Paragon has a show for you.

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