Half circle caparison pattern with breast band

A quick and dirty mind dump from Kerij-e


In the 15th century, there were a number of combinations of breast bands, strap barding, and sheets. In the picture above, the rider on the right has a half sheet caprison and the rider on the left has a breast band.  If you combine the two...

    gw_goldbrocade_barding.jpg The Riderless Horse Caparison


We have had the best luck with two layers of fabric: poly-cotton brocades, heavy cottons, or linen.  The caparison floats nicely when it has enough weight. Single-ply usually doesn't do it.  We've tried it with a silk essence.  Not recommended. The horse sweats and the fabric clings in all the wrong places ;-)



Source: Death of Wat Tyler (detail). Jean Froissart, Chronicles fol. 159v. Flandres, Bruges 15th Century. Bibliothèque National de France.


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